CMAD: Community Manager Appreciation Day, All Wrapped Up

By Elisabeth Michaud • 2 years ago • 2 Comments

As many of you know, yesterday was one of our favorite holidays of the year: Community Manager Appreciation Day, or CMAD. Originally created by Jeremiah Owyang, the celebration takes place on the fourth Monday in January each year, and is a time for brands and agencies alike to recognize the time, hard work, and success of their social media and community managers.

Yesterday, to celebrate #CMAD, we recognized four of our Boston team’s Most-Admired Social Media & Community Managers here in the Boston area. As the community manager here at uberVU, I also got to celebrate a bit, with a lovely bouquet of flowers from my coworkers (thanks, guys!).

However, since Community Manager Appreciation Day is a global event, what better way to wrap up the day than with a global search in our uberVU platform? We searched for all global mentions in all languages of #CMAD, “Community Manager Appreciation Day” and “CMGR Appreciation Day” for January 28th through the morning of January 29th. Here’s what we found:

Over 20,000 mentions, with the highest density of mentions around 4pm GMT/11am ET

CMAD - Mentions

TONS of mentions on Twitter, with many public Google+ and Facebook posts as well as 135 blog posts on the subject

CMAD Top Social Platforms

Virality: over 800 Likes, and almost 7,000 RTs!

CMAD Sharing Metrics

Social media users in the US, France, Canada and the UK dominated the #CMAD conversation

Overwhelmingly positive sentiment: you were definitely feeling the love! 

CMAD Sentiment

And what were you saying about CMAD? Wishing your Community Managers a happy one, telling them how awesome they are, that they’re doing great work, and more

CMAD conversation map

We can’t wait til next year’s #CMAD celebration: January 27, 2014!

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