CMAD: uberVU Boston’s 4 Most-Admired Social Media & Community Managers

By Ben Cockerell • 2 years ago • 11 Comments

In honor of #CMAD – Community Manager Appreciation Day – today, we want to take a moment and thank all of our readers who tirelessly, fearlessly, and gracefully fill the role of Social Media or Community Manager. You’ve diffused Facebook controversies, won us over with your witty tweets and impressed the heck out of us with your intelligent contributions on networks like LinkedIn, Google+, and Quora. You rock!

We especially want to recognize the community managers here in the Boston area (home of uberVU HQ!) that our marketing team most admires. Without further ado, here are our 4 Most-Admired Social Media & Community Managers!

Jeff Esposito – @jeffespo

Since 2007, Jeff has been spreading the good word on social at Vistaprint, an online supplier of printed and promotional material. He’s also in the running for the vaunted title of Community Manager of the Year (fingers crossed, Jeff!)

Why he rocks:

Over the past few years, Jeff has gone from a PR role where he advocated the use of social media to transforming Vistaprint into a truly social business. And with over 220,000 Facebook page likes, we’d say he’s been pretty successful. Vistaprint’s social posts strive to empower their small business customers–and that’s something our team can definitely get behind.

Oh, another reason why Jeff rocks–he’s wicked funny*. Not only does he start every day with a tweeted cartoon, his other posts are often filled with chuckle-worthy content.

*You know, because we’re all Bostonians

@jeffespo cartoon






Trish Fontanilla – @trishofthetrade

The community manager for Boston startup Vsnap, which helps companies connect with their customers through short personal video messages.

Why she rocks:

Like her company’s product, Trish takes the potential for personal videos to a whole new level by creating and sending a personalized welcome video to every single new Twitter follower they receive. Yes, you read that right. That means in the past year Trish has created over 1700 personalized videos.

That is simply amazing. And very admirable.


Sara Steele-Rogers – @briteboston

Sara is the Boston Marketing Manager at Eventbrite, a website that allows event organizers to plan, sell and promote events of any size.

Why she rocks:

In Sara’s role, she’s always on-the-go, shuttling to and from local Boston event and meeting organizers and attendees. But does that constant motion stop her from posting and replying online? No sir–she is the epitome of mobile social, using her extensive knowledge of everything that’s going on in the area to connect Bostonians to events they’d love to attend–even if they didn’t already know it!












The UberBoston team @uber_bos

The six “best friends that anyone could have” that lead the social media accounts for the Boston division of Uber, which connects passengers with drivers of luxury vehicles for hire.

Why they rock:

The Uber team has truly mastered the art of social brand evangelism, and their posts are constantly winning over skeptics and rewarding community members. By frequently, immediately, and humorously responding to customers (some on the lower levels of sobriety), they’ve earned Boston’s trust and established legitimacy for their product.

They’re also no stranger to deals, and promos, which goes a long way to introduce new riders to their product, while also rewarding returning customers.

P.S. Uber Boston is hiring new community managers right now. Check them out!









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11 Responses to “CMAD: uberVU Boston’s 4 Most-Admired Social Media & Community Managers”

  1. jeffespo

    Thanks for including me on the list Ben! I am humbled to be added to this trio. 

    • You’re most welcome, Jeffrey! All four of you continue to be great sources of inspiration to the uberVU team as we strive to provide even better solutions to challenges faced by awesome social and community managers and strategists like yourself.

  2. Sara Steele-Rogers

    Fortunate to be a part of such a great “community” of Community Managers to learn from and be inspired by each and every day! 

  3. Forgot to pop in here and say hey after all the CMAD crazypantsness. So so honored to be in this group of people. And it’s kinda awesome that part of my job is to make videos that get people to smile. :) 

  4. Joe Cothrel

    I’ll second that vote for Jeff E – very knowledgeable guy!  Two other people I put at the top of the list of community management pros in Boston:  Ros Morville at Constant Contact, and Vanessa DiMauro at Leader Networks.  Brilliant folks!

    Keep up the good work!


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