Hashtag #fail for McDonalds

By Alexandra Cojocaru • 3 years ago • 0 Comments

Though initially started to gather positive stories from happy consumers and promote their fresh farm produce, McDonalds’ campaign #McDstories didn’t quite go as planned. People started using the hashtag to leash out at the company and publish accusations and complaints directed at their products and services.

#McDstories shortly became a channel for people’s frustrations and though it was withdrawed from the list of Promoted Tweets, it still got a lot of coverage because it quickly evolved into a Trending Topic. Here’s a quick look at the amount of negative sentiment it caused:

What this basically shows is that, even if the crisis management team reacted by stopping the campaign, in social media things don’t work out that way. You can’t just turn off social conversations like you would do in traditional media, by simply not broadcasting a TV commercial anymore.

Even though the campaign did drive engagement, its overall effect wasn’t the reputation boost they were expecting. Want to know what to do in similar cases? Read the ABC’s of reponding to negative feedback.

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