New in the VU: All-New Reports in uberVU 2.0

By Matt Cordaro, Director of Client Services • 2 years ago • 1 Comments

Our product and engineering teams have been hard at work over the past few months, and today, we’re excited to release the latest results: reports in uberVU 2.0 – revamped, redesigned and better than ever.

What's New in the VU

Here’s what’s new in Reports:

  • Reports are fully integrated into uberVU 2.0. We’ve dropped the console format in favor of integrating all users & permissions available in 2.0. This means it’s easier and quicker than ever for team members to pull a report together.
  • The new reports were designed for the screen first, to be used daily, not just once per month. We think data and metrics should always be on your mind, not just turned into a PDF once a month or a quarter.
  • New visuals give full reporting power to create and show data the way you want. Choose from a number of different chart formats: it’s up to you how you want to display the data! It’s like we’ve exposed our API to you and let you run with it.
  • More metrics than ever. You have 4 main components to work with: Main metrics (things like number of mentions or fans), Secondary metrics (new Likes/Fans, for example), Filters (Sentiment) & Breakdowns (language, locations etc).
  • Significantly improved functionality in Facebook and Twitter reporting – so many more options in 2.0!  Reach, exposure rates, virality rates and pretty much all the metrics you would expect from Facebook Insights. Same goes for Twitter.
  • Each user can decide when and how often to get reports via email.
  • Improved on-screen report rendering.

New Report Widgets

Overall, these new features make 2.0 reporting ideal for:

  • Combining data from multiple streams and even comparing them to each other.
  • Advanced analytics: Reports give a wider range of options to slice and dice the data and more metrics to choose from.
an uberVU 2.0 Report

Current customers of uberVU 2.0 have automatically been migrated to Reports 2.0. Enjoy! We hope you’ll tweet us or share your feedback on our Facebook page.
For customers on the uberVU 1.0 platform, this is a great time to migrate – uberVU 2.0 has a ton of great features, outlined in this blog post from the 2.0 launch. If you’re interested, click here to request your migration.

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