Revamped, Redesigned, Real Smart: uberVU redesigns Social Media Monitoring and Marketing

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We’re very excited to launch what we believe to be a true game-changer in how social media marketing professionals work. We believe that Social Media Marketers need better solutions: not just to capture brand mentions, field customer service complaints or leverage company kudos.  We’ve built the new uberVU to eliminate the practices that once involved manually filtering key words and deciphering meaning to create or modify social strategy; the new uberVU provides a complete and intelligent loop for multitasking social media marketers. With over 100 new features and enhancements, uberVU changes the face of social media engagement and monitoring with a fresh new way of interpreting data and giving you actionable information.

See the new uberVU in action with top social influencers

Social influencers Jason Falls, CEO of, and Jaunique Sealey, Author and Former Lady Gaga Strategist, join uberVU this week to further demonstrate the value of the uberVU social platform that helps you filter, decipher meaning and signals and take relevant action. Join them on Wednesday, September 26 or Thursday, September 27 to take your social marketing up a notch and preview the new uberVU.

Webinar Registration and Details:

ubervu 2.0 launch

New Features/Enhancements Include:

  1. Immediate Insights – provides a complete picture in seconds rather than hours or days. Many providers claim real time data delivery; uberVU is one of the few that actually does it.
  2. Ease of Use – a robust solution delivering enterprise-class functionality but designed from a consumer point of view.
  3. Context – suggests appropriate actions based on whether a social media event is about your company, competitors, market, etc.
  4. Actionability – enhanced uberVU SignalsTM – with spikes, influencers, stories and mentions delivered automatically.
  5. Smart Publishing – publish at the optimal date and time for maximum engagement.
  6. Content Suggestions – the best stories that might be relevant to a brand’s audience are surfaced and delivered to you to engage your audience.
  7. ROA – Return on Action – analyze results in real time.

Get a one-on-one demo of the new uberVU! Please request a demo with your contact information and we’ll find a time that best fits your schedule.

For current uberVU customers: How to get on the new uberVU platform

We’re now in the process of moving all of our customers over to the new uberVU platform. Because everybody’s uberVU account is a little bit different, migration to the new uberVU is going to be a little bit different for each of you.

Visit the uberVU migration request website and submit your information to be migrated.

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Thanks for joining us for uberVU 2.0 launch drinks. We had a blast!

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