Social Media Face Off: Nestea vs. Snapple

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Nestea and Snapple are two popular ice tea brands with a variety of flavors—peach tea, green tea, whatever you’re in the mood for. But which brand has the most social flavor? To find out we’ve put the two brands head-to-head in this week’s Social Media Face Off.

In order to compare the brands in social media, we set up search streams for each in the uberVU platform and compared the results from the past two weeks to determine our winner.

Let’s find out which brand is TEAing up social.

Round One: Mentions

Snapple takes the early lead in round one with 18,882 mentions, topping Nestea’s 16,873 mentions. As you can see on the line graph, Nestea hit a spike in mentions on October 20th. We did some digging and found that fast-food chain Popeyes was advertising a special of its new Pepper Cajun Nuggets with a regular Nestea Green Tea for $3.90.

snapple-nestea-mentionsWinner: Snapple

Round Two: Sentiment

Snapple had the most mentions but how did those mentions stack up to Nestea’s when it came to sentiment? 23% of Nestea’s mentions were positive and 6% were negative. Snapple edged out the competition once again with 34% of its mentions registering as positive. Though Snapple did have a higher amount of negative mentions with 18%, the brand is driving more opinions in general which could be interesting marketing research for Nestea. And as always, positivity wins.

snapple-nestea-sentimentWinner: Snapple

Round Three: Engagement

It looks like Snapple is running away with this face off. Can Nestea get a win in engagement? To find out which brand has the best engagement across Facebook and Twitter we’ve compared the number of RTs, Likes and Shares. Nestea rules this round, easily dominating in all three categories.


Winner: Nestea

Overall Winner: Snapple

Nestea easily took the engagement round, but it wasn’t enough to top Snapple’s two wins in overall mentions and sentiment. We declare the winner of this Social Media Face Off to be Snapple.

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