The Emergence of the Social Media Superhero [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Alexandra Cojocaru • 3 years ago • 25 Comments

Much like search engine marketing 10 years ago, social media has now become core to many businesses marketing strategies. With that has also come the emergence of individual roles that are more specialized and unique to social media. To become a Social Media Superhero it is important to know what, where and when to focus on at any given time.

Use the following personas to learn what makes them successful in social media. Be sure to check in with us next week when we go into details about each superhero’s DNA and how you can apply that knowledge to your business.

(Click here for full-view of the infographic)

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25 Responses to “The Emergence of the Social Media Superhero [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. This is awesome, such a good idea for content! I wonder who’d win between SEO superheroes and social media superheroes though – let the battle commence?

  2. VirtualOutfitters

    I’m a cross between The Digital Strategist and The Social Evangelist.  Great idea for your blog.  

    • Awesome, I’m glad you could find a fit. I guess most of us manage a broad spectrum of those tasks on a daily basis. Thanks for your appreciation, also :)

  3. Jesse Clem

    I am wondering what percent of population falls into each category….

    • Elisabeth Michaud

      That would be interesting! We’ll have to think about it.

      • jesseclem

        I am doing a study in my company around this a little to figure out why more are not social or contributing content. If you had these numbers somehow it would help me to set or reset expectations.

        • Elisabeth Michaud

          Jesse, unfortunately we don’t have exact stats around this. If you come across them in your research, definitely let us know! Good luck.


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