uberVU integrates Google+ to help marketers grow and engage their community

By Elisabeth Michaud • 2 years ago • 2 Comments

At uberVU we are committed to providing you with the best tools to connect with your social media audience. And with over 135 million monthly accounts, Google+ is one of the biggest audience growth opportunities you can leverage in 2013.

Today uberVU is pleased to announce the launch of  a Google+ Business Page integration with full Page management capabilities. We are excited to be among just a handful of companies currently partnering with Google to enhance its social community.

Here are some of the top features you can enjoy right now:

  • Multiple page management - Connect as many Google+ Pages to uberVU as you need and manage them all from one single place
  • Posting - Update your Google+ Page with simple updates or even pictures
  • Scheduling - Effortlessly create multiple posts and schedule them to be posted at a later time and date
  • Brand mentions – uberVU highlights mentions of your brand on Google+ so you can reply to them on the spot
  • Moderation – Delete any post from your own Google+ Business Page
  • Enhanced post context – uberVU provides sentiment, language detection and location detection for each post on your Page.
  • Filter and Tag Posts – Easily tag posts for later reference, or even filter your posts.

All in all, this is a pretty powerful yet simple way to make the most of your Google+ Page. We took into account the features that make Google+ such a unique platform and packaged them into a very familiar management workflow. This makes it easy for you to extend to Google+ what you’re already doing on other platforms, and to better engage with Google+’s growing audience.

Whatever your social media goals for this year, your plans cannot ignore the Big Four (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn). uberVU now provides you with the easiest way to leverage the Big Four to grow your audience.

And this is just the beginning. We’re really excited about the improvements that will be coming to Google+ Page management really soon. In the meantime, why not go in, start managing your Google+ Page and tell us what you think.

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