Where is your brand in the Social Media Lifecycle? [INFOGRAPHIC]

• 2012-01-18 Jan 18th, 2012

The search for the elusive social media ROI will be getting even more aggressive in 2012. But after quite a few years of working with social media, why aren’t we getting any closer? Is there no such thing as social media ROI?

Countless successful social media campaigns prove that a great return from social can actually be achieved. So why aren’t more companies reporting great results from their initiatives?

We cover some of the reasons in our new white paper – 4 Pillars Of Social Media Success. We believe it all comes down to starting with a clear business goal in mind (business, not social media goal like # of fans) and then figuring out how and where to integrate social media to achieve that goal.

We also explore how some successful brands use these 4 pillars of social media (monitoring, analytics, engagement, reporting) to reach their goals and how they measure their progress.

Download the White Paper

The infographic below is inspired from the white paper. Check it out to see some interesting facts on how other marketers are thinking about these 4 pillars of social media – there are some interesting and counter-intuitive numbers in there.


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